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Ready for Spring Pollen?

Ready for Spring Pollen?

Are you ready for spring pollen? Our allergy experts can help you and your family prepare for spring pollen before it starts so you don’t have to worry about your allergy symptoms this season.

Ready for Spring Pollen?
Ready for Spring Pollen?

Winter has been long, wet, and dreary. In a few short weeks, spring will arrive in Atlanta with flowers and warmer temperatures. Many trees, like the Ann Magnolias and Dogwoods, are already flowering. Soon, more of us will be rushing outside to enjoy the sunshine and nicer weather. If you or your child suffers from allergies or asthma, here are some tips to keep you all healthy and happy this spring:

1. Start preventive medicine early.

All allergy medicines work best when you start them before the height of the pollen season. This includes antihistamines such as Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec or Xyzal, but is especially true for nasal sprays like Flonase, Nasonex or Nasacort which take about seven to ten days to reach their full protective effect. For those with persistent asthma, our certified allergy specialists recommend taking your prescribed inhaled steroid every day as directed as well.

2. Decrease your pollen exposure.

Keep your windows closed at home and in the car when the pollen counts are high. Run the air conditioning and regularly change the filters. Change clothes and shower after spending time outside where pollen gets into hair and clothing. Consider giving your dog a regular bath because pets bring pollen into the home as well.

3. Be smart about when to go outside during pollen season.

Plants tend to release most of their pollen early in the morning before 9-10 AM. If you are going to be outside, try to go later in the day. Consider wearing a pollen mask if you cannot avoid peak pollen times. A simple painter’s mask from the hardware store will provide fairly good protection. Information on pollen counts can be found on our website and may help you decide when it is best to spend time outdoors.

4. Talk to your allergist about treatment options.

Our allergy clinics in Atlanta, Conyers, and Lawrenceville, Georgia are staffed with board certified allergists who help perform allergy skin testing to diagnose environmental triggers. They can help you create a treatment plan, with medications or allergy shots (allergy immunotherapy), to overcome your allergies so that you can enjoy spring and the great outdoors throughout your life.

For an appointment with one of our board-certified pediatric or adult Allergy Specialists, please contact us or make your appointment online at The Allergy & Asthma Center.



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