What Kind of Doctor Do You See for Shortness of Breath?

When you’re experiencing shortness of breath, it can be quite concerning and you might not know what to do. If you’ve been experiencing it repeatedly, and if the cases have been mild, then we can help you here at Allergy & Asthma Center. Get in touch with us today so we can help you get to the bottom of the issue and get back to feeling as well as you deserve to feel.

What Kind of Doctor Do You See for Shortness of Breath?

What do I need to know about shortness of breath?

Also known as dyspnea, shortness of breath can feel like an intense tightening in the chest, difficulty breathing, or even suffocation. It might have been brought on by intense exercise, extreme temperatures, or sometimes even just a higher altitude. Obesity is often a cause. But if none of these things have been a problem for you, then you might have an underlying medical problem, or allergies could be the issue.

If you can’t explain your shortness of breath, or if it comes on suddenly and severely, then you need to seek medical attention. Sometimes this means seeking emergency care.

So what kind of doctor do you see for shortness of breath?

It’s really important and possibly even vital to seek emergency care at the ER (emergency room) if you experience shortness of breath that comes on suddenly and severely and that affects your ability to function healthily. Or if your shortness of breath is accompanied by chest pain, fainting, nausea, a change in mental alertness, or a slight blue color to the lips or the nails, then it’s also important to seek emergency care. These signs and symptoms could be those of a heart attack or another serious medical issue.

Often, though, shortness of breath is mild only. If you’re sure your shortness of breath is mild, then you can see your primary care physician about it, or better yet, see an allergist/immunologist! Symptoms like swelling in the feet and ankles, fever, cough, chills, wheezing, and really, any kind of mild shortness of breath should be addressed by a professional. An allergist/immunologist is very able to help with these symptoms and with mild, common cases of shortness of breath.

How can an allergist help me with shortness of breath?

Quite often, the cause of shortness of breath is allergies or asthma. These issues can be difficult for a primary physician to address, but they’re not a problem for an allergist. Even if the cause of your shortness of breath isn’t related to allergies or asthma, an allergist can still help you and provide a referral for you to see another specialist.

Shortness of breath may be the result of the tightening of your airway due to asthma. This condition can be treated with the use of an inhaler which we can provide here at Allergy & Asthma Center. We can also provide treatments for patients whose shortness of breath is caused by allergies. In these cases, allergy testing, immunotherapy (allergy shots), medications, allergy treatment plans, and treatments for immune disorders can help.

Because allergies and asthma are so common, especially in children, one or the other could easily be causing your or your child’s shortness of breath. If you suspect this, then come see us here at Allergy & Asthma Center. We’ll introduce you to an allergist/immunologist who will get to the bottom of your case and help you or your loved one live a healthier, more care-free life. Call us at any one of our 3 locations in Lawrenceville, Atlanta, or Conyers, or book an appointment with one of our locations online.