Pediatric Allergist in Conyers, GA

At Allergy and Asthma Center, Dr. Jon E. Stahlman M.D. and The Expert Team of Board Certified Allergists Can Cure Your Child Suffering from Allergies. If You Are On The Lookout For a Pediatric Allergist For Your Child Near Conyers GA, Contact Us Today or Schedule an Appointment Online.

Pediatric Allergist in Conyers, GA

As a parent, you want your child to experience the joys of life and nature with as few hindrances as possible. Allergies can make this difficult and can force them to remain indoors or rest when they would rather be having fun. At Allergy and Asthma Center in Conyers, GA, our pediatric allergists will tend to your child allergies with professional care so that they can get back to being kids.

Should I bring my child to a pediatric allergist?

If your child shows signs of any rashes, have adverse reactions to certain foods, or if they have persistent infections, you should make an appointment for them to see a pediatric allergist. Common symptoms for children with allergies besides rashes or hives are upset stomach, frequent sneezing and/or coughing, as well as a constantly runny nose and itchy eyes. If your child has difficulty breathing, you should especially make an appointment as this is an early indicator of childhood asthma.

Does my child have asthma?

If your child has asthma, certain triggers such as pollen inhalation or respiratory infections inflame your child’s lungs and airways. It is important to get your child checked out as early as you can if they are displaying symptoms of asthma to either rule out asthma or to provide proactive treatment. Asthma can interfere with many activities your child would like to participate in, such as sports and outside activities, and also with school and sleep habits.

There are certain factors that predispose a child to develop asthma, such as genetics, obesity, both pre- and postnatal exposure to tobacco smoke, air pollution, and allergies such as hay fever. Symptoms of childhood asthma include a constant cough that is worsened by viral infections, cold air, or during sleep, a wheezing or whistling sound accompanying exhalation, rapid breathing during exercise, chest tightness, and avoidance of sports or other physical activities. If you are worried that your infant has asthma, you should pay attention to their feeding habits, if they have difficulty feeding and make a grunting noise while doing so.

At Allergy and Asthma Center, our pediatric allergists will tend to your child’s asthmatic symptoms with compassion and expertise.

At what age can my child be tested for allergies?

Your child can be tested for allergies at any age. That said, skin prick tests are very rarely used on children that are younger than six months. Blood, elimination, and skin patch tests, on the other hand, are widely tested on children of all ages.

What happens during a pediatric allergist appointment?

When you arrive at Allergy and Asthma Center for your child’s first allergist appointment, one of our pediatric allergists will ask for a record of your child’s medical history, including allergy symptoms, medicines, exposure to common allergens, and any family history with allergies. For this reason, it is a good idea to prepare a journal all of the symptoms that your child experiences so that your pediatric allergist can have as comprehensive an understanding of your child’s condition as possible. Once this is satisfactorily completed, the allergist will examine your child’s eyes, nose, and listen to their lungs. If asthma is a concern, your child’s pediatric allergist will also perform a breathing test on your child, which usually requires your child to blow air as fast as they can into a measuring device.

Our pediatric allergists are professionally trained to work with children and will take the necessary steps to ensure your child feels safe and comfortable during their visit.

If you would like more information on our pediatric allergist services at Allergy and Asthma Center or would like to book an appointment for your child, we would be happy to assist you! You can either book an appointment online or you can call us. Allergy and Asthma Center is located at 1755 Parker Rd, Suite A120 in Conyers, GA and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.