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Oral Immunotherapy in Atlanta, GA

Oral Immunotherapy in Atlanta, GA

Suffering from Allergies? Our Experienced Allergy Specialists Can Help! The Allergy and Asthma Center Provides Allergy Desensitization Through Immunotherapy in Atlanta, GA with Effective Allergy oral Immunotherapy in Atlanta, GA for Children and Adults. Call Us or Book an Appointment Online.

Oral Immunotherapy in Atlanta, GA
Oral Immunotherapy in Atlanta, GA

Allergies are such a nuisance for anyone to have. A food allergy can leave a child feeling left out among their peers when they can’t eat what their friends are consuming. Airborne allergies can significantly impact a person’s enjoyment of the outdoors and limit what they can do. With oral immunotherapy from The Allergy and Asthma Center, we target the root of the problem through oral immunotherapy in Atlanta, GA.

Definition of Oral Immunotherapy

Oral immunotherapy helps treat allergies by gradually exposing an individual to their allergen. The person is only given a small amount of the allergen that increases over time. The result being it gets the patient’s immune system used to the allergen and desensitizes them. It works similarly to injectable immunotherapy, but it doesn’t require a needle. Instead, you or your child receives a tablet that dissolves under the tongue.

What to Expect from Treatment

Our allergy doctor will start the process by inquiring about you or your child’s medical history. At this point, we focus on what allergies you or your child have as well as what reaction occurs. If you’re unsure of what allergies you or your child have, we can provide allergy testing. During allergy testing, our allergists expose the skin to different allergens and evaluate the site for a reaction.

Once our allergy doctors know more about you or your child’s case, we use tablets that consist of the allergen in a small amount. You or your child places it under his or her tongue. Generally, you or your child won’t experience any reaction because the amount is so minuscule. Over time, we continuously increase the amount of the allergen in the tablet. Eventually, you or your child’s immune system can tolerate the substance. Therefore, a reaction to the allergen in your daily life is much less severe. You or your child will only have mild symptoms – or none at all – when contact is made with the allergen.

Possible Side Effects

Most of the time, patients don’t experience any side effects. However, it’s possible to have a response since you or your child is coming in contact with an allergen. Some examples of possible side effects include the following:

• Swollen tongue
• Itchy lips
• Itchy tongue or mouth
• Sore throat

Who May Use Oral Immunotherapy

Our certified allergists may administer oral immunotherapy to both children and adults. Generally, we only will provide this treatment to children who are five years of age or older. Since part of the process consists of our allergist understanding the patient’s symptoms, we prefer that children who undergo the treatment have good communication skills.

Our allergy doctors do treat patients who have asthma, but we ask that they have their symptoms under control first. Therefore, we may need to treat for asthma before beginning immunotherapy.

Benefits of Immunotherapy

After immunotherapy an adult or child may be able to consume a food they were once allergic to without any reaction. It makes it much easier when grocery shopping or eating already prepared food and can significantly reduce the possibility of a life-threatening reaction. For patients who have other conditions like asthma and allergies they are more than just an inconvenience. Additionally, immunotherapy can be a more cost-efficient solution when you consider the expense of medications to treat allergies and allergic reactions.

Don’t suffer from allergies any longer! The Allergy and Asthma Center can provide a long-term solution for children and adults throughout the Atlanta, GA area and nearby region. Contact us today for an appointment online or by calling.



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