Hives Treatment in Atlanta, Conyers, & Lawrenceville, GA

Tired of Itching and Burning Skin Caused by Hives? We Are in Three Convenient Locations Throughout Georgia: Atlanta, Conyers and Lawrenceville. Our Dedicated Staff of Friendly Professionals Will Be Happy to Answer Your Questions, Address Your Concerns, and Help You Get Back to Feeling Your Very Best.

Hives Treatment in Atlanta, Conyers, & Lawrenceville, GA

If you’ve ever had hives, you know how inconvenient the itching is. You scratch and scratch, but it doesn’t seem to get better except for when you get away from the allergen or it passes through your system. At The Allergy and Asthma Center, serving Atlanta, Conyers, Lawrenceville, and the surrounding Georgia area, we offer a solution!

About Hives

Hives are a rash that look like raised welts. Sometimes, they sting or hurt, but in most cases, they’re itchy. They may appear a pink, red, or flesh color. You may develop hives if you ingest or come in contact with something you’re allergic to. This allergen may be a medication, food, or even something in the environment. Sometimes, patients can develop hives as a result of an infection.

Hives are part of a reaction that occurs when your body releases histamine. Your body produces this chemical to defend itself against substances that try to harm your body, which in some cases are allergens. When your body releases histamines, you may develop unpleasant allergy symptoms including hives.

Allergy Testing

If you’re unaware of your allergies, we supply testing to identify them. We may use a scratch test where we rub the area with potential allergens. Then, we slightly irritate your skin using a specialized tool. Finally, we evaluate the site for a reaction. We could also use a test that uses needles consisting of your allergen. We apply them under your skin and look for the reaction. Both of these tests take about 10 to 15 minutes.

We also have a patch test available to determine your allergies. In this case our allergy doctors apply patches to your back that have substances on them. Forty-eight hours later, we look to see if your skin had a reaction to any of these substances.

Long-Term Treatment for Hives

Oral immunotherapy is one long-term solution for hives. It desensitizes a patients immune system, so his or her body no longer responds to the allergen. The treatment begins with you taking a tablet and placing it under your tongue. The tablet has a minute amount of your allergen in it. You then receive tablets that have increasing amounts of the allergen. Eventually, your immune system can come in contact with the allergen and have little to no response.

Another option is allergy drops, which you also place under your tongue. They have a small dose of your allergy, and this amount gradually increases.
The most effective type of immunotherapy is allergy injections. This immunotherapy consists of our allergist giving you a small amount of your allergen in a subcutaneous injection.

Who Qualifies for Hive Treatment

Almost anyone who suffers from either a food or environmental allergy could benefit from immunotherapy. The type you want depends on which option you feel more comfortable with. For children, we recommend oral immunotherapy to avoid needles.

Generally, we only perform immunotherapy on children who are five and older and who can communicate well. We want your child to be able to communicate his or her symptoms effectively.

Before we begin immunotherapy, we make sure you or your child’s asthma is under control.

Possible Side Effects

Some people do experience symptoms like tongue swelling as well as an itchy tongue, throat, lips, or mouth. Sometimes, patients can develop a sore throat.

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