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Allergy Testing Cost in Atlanta, Conyers, & Lawrenceville, GA

Allergy Testing Cost in Atlanta, Conyers, & Lawrenceville, GA

There are different types of allergy tests available to help you diagnose and determine the right treatment for your allergies. To learn more about the types of test available and the costs associated with them call one of our clinics in Atlanta, Conyers, or Lawrenceville, GA where our friendly staff can to help answer your questions.

Allergy Testing Cost in Atlanta, Conyers, & Lawrenceville, GA
Allergy Testing Cost in Atlanta, Conyers, & Lawrenceville, GA

Whether you have symptoms of allergic rhinitis or experience hives, you could benefit from knowing what’s causing your symptoms. At The Allergy and Asthma Center, serving Conyers, Atlanta, Lawrenceville, and the nearby Georgia area, we offer allergy testing to find the cause of your allergies. Once we know your allergies, we can help you find a solution to manage your symptoms or avoid a serious allergic reaction.

Types of Allergy Testing

We offer a few different types of allergy testing, and the kind we utilize depends upon your allergy. For instance, if you have seasonal allergies, a food allergy, or are allergic to a substance in the environment, we may use scratch testing. This test consists of us placing suspected allergies on your forearm and lightly scratching the surface of your skin. About 15 minutes later, we look to see if you had a reaction.

Another test we conduct is a prick test, which we complete by penetrating your skin with needles with suspected allergens on them. About 15 minutes later, we evaluate the site to see if you had a reaction.

We could perform a patch test if you have contact dermatitis. During this test, we place patches with different substances on them on your back. In 48 hours, we remove the patch and see if you had a reaction.

Your body releases immunoglobulin E (IgE) when it comes in contact with allergens, so we may conduct a blood test to evaluate for it. For some, this isn’t the preferred method since it does require us to obtain a sample of your blood.

Although we don’t perform it in a majority of cases, challenge allergy tests are given in some instances. During a challenge test, you ingest or inhale a small amount of the suspected allergen. Then, our allergist waits to see if you have a reaction. Unfortunately, if you have a severe allergic reaction, we may need to give you a medication to combat your symptoms.

It’s possible for our allergist to conduct an elimination test on you. For this test, you’re asked to refrain from eating a certain food or taking a medication. At your next appointment, we ask you if you noticed a difference when you stopped eating or using the substance. If there wasn’t a difference, we try removing another item from your diet until we find the culprit behind your allergy symptoms.

Allergens We Can Test for

We can use allergy testing to identify airborne allergies like pollen, ragweed, or mold. Our allergy testing can identify medication and food allergies as well.

Insurance and Allergy Testing

Typically, insurance covers allergy testing. However, some insurance companies require a co-pay fee for the visit. This rate varies from one insurance provider to another. Additionally, the rate you pay could also depend on whether we’re an in-network or out-of-network provider. You may have to pay slightly more since our practitioner is a specialist in asthma and allergies. You might have to pay for a portion of the testing as well, depending on your insurance’s specific requirements.

Average Cost of Allergy Testing Without Insurance

If you don’t have insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover the testing, you can expect to pay between $60 to $300. The price varies based on the type of testing we perform. Blood testing can be a bit pricier than other allergy tests.

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